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  • Colored tulips, from bulb to bouquet
    Colored tulips, from bulb to bouquet

About us

The agricultural candy store of Brilliant Dutch.

Giving color to the Dutch bulb industry.
That is the mission for Mats and Dave Boots. A typical Dutch product like the tulip deserves a stage. With these colored flower bulbs they introduce the tulip bulb 2.0. Step inside the agricultural candy store of Brilliant Dutch.

The brothers Boots services group.
Growing up in West-Friesland, in the heart of this tulip growing area of The Netherlands, the Boots brothers followed their father's footsteps and both now work in the bulb sector. Together they have set up Brilliant Dutch giving colorful value to the tulip bulb market. Colored Flower Bulbs is giving the national and international bulb industry new impulse.

From bulb to bloom in every color imagineable.
The Netherlands has a rich flower bulb culture. And we're proud of that. More even than windmills, clogs or pancakes, it's tulips that are a national symbol. And our knowledge of the sector has shown us that the market is ripe for innovation. Our colored bulbs give a nostalgic product a new colorful image. From old-Dutch to new-Dutch.

Loose bulbs or gift pack.
The colored bulbs make it easy for the customer to grow tulips in their favorite color or formation.
You already know while planting exactly what color the flower will be, which means that a specific shape or pattern can be created in the garden. And we haven't forgotten those without a garden or without green fingers either. Colored bulbs in the shape of a heart or a flag is a great gift to be able to give. From bulb to bloom, this gift is original and educational giving 6 weeks of pleasure.

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